Vintage Rear Hub Puller Operating Instructions

Before using tool, adjust the brake shoes inward, away from the brake drum. Metal may build up from brake use, preventing the drum from moving outward as the tool pulls on the drum.

picture of rear hub puller

1. Remove Cotter Key, Castle Nut and Washer from the axle.

2. Thread the Thrust Plate Nut onto the axle till it bottoms - then back it off from the bottom a 1/2 turn.

3. Position the Half Shells with the Thrust Bolt/Nut so Thrust Plate tangs are in the Half Shell slots.

4. Slide the Lock Cover over Half Shells assembly to hold everything in position.

5. Using (2) 1 1/8" wrenches, hold the Thrust Nut while tightening the Thrust Bolt to push on the axle end and dislodge the hub from the tapered axle.

6. Remove the puller and Thrust Plate Nut in order to slide the hub from the axle.

bottom side of thermostat housing

Our VP Rear Hub Puller is manufactured in our CNC machine shop in Benicia, CA. It consists of two steel half-shells which are machined with a 70,000 PSI yield strength, a thrust nut machined from aircraft steel with a 100,000 PSI yield strength, and a thrust bolt, which is a grade 8 fastener and has a full inch of thread engagement. The outside cover is made from stainless steel tubing, which reduces the weight and size of the assembly noticeably, without sacrificing strength. The finished assembly is 2.5" in diameter and approximately 4" long and comes in a storage container, 3" OD x 5" long, 4.5 Lbs total weight.

Aside from superior materials being used, the puller is designed to apply the thrust load into the threads of the axle past the cotter pin hole, not the end of the axle. With some pullers, it is possible to crush the axle shaft end from applying heavy loads to brake the hub free. If this happens, the threads are often deformed so the castle nut will not install properly and the cotter pin hole will usually get crushed, making it difficult to insert the correct cotter pin.

For more information on Vintage Precision's Rear Hub Puller, including updated pricing and availability, contact us by clicking here or call our customer service department at 1-800-486-0021.

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