Vintage Model A Bell Housing Kit

Makes T-5 Transmission Conversion Easy

356 HT Aluminum Casting

Comes With Pedal Shaft Assembly – use your pedals

Includes line reamed clutch shaft bushings with grease fittings – use your throw-out assembly

Front Axle Wishbone Mount Built In with grease fitting – use your clamp kit

Includes Authentic AA Inspection Cover Plate

This bell housing accepts the Borg Warner/Tremec T5 Transmission (Ford Mustang bolt pattern) and positions it 5.50” from the standard Model A flywheel housing. No adapter plate required. Your Mustang T5 will require a S10 tail housing to place the shifter box in front of the cross member. Little or no cutting of the center cross member is required. If you're looking for the advantages of an overdrive 5 speed transmission with the cleanest conversion possible, then this bell housing is for you.

The bell housing measures 5.50” from face to face in thickness. The bellhousing is completely CNC machined to bolt to the standard Model A flywheel housing and accept the Mustang T5 transmission. Plus, it is also finish machined with bronze bushings to accept your standard 7/8" clutch throw-out shaft assembly and front axle wishbone assembly, even includes grease fittings. A pedal shaft and bracket assembly is included to correctly support your standard Model A clutch and brake pedals.

There is quite a list of additional work to complete any conversion including repositioning the shifter, modifying the brakes, mounting the e-brake and going to an open driveline, but the biggest and most important job of getting the T5 installed correctly is made easy with this kit. For more information on T5 transmissions and the Model A, click here.

Ford Mustang Custom Clutch Disk

Price: $80.00 USD each

Picture of our Custom Clutch Disk

Custom-made clutch disk to fit any Mustang input shaft

Correct thickness and diameter for 9" Flathead V8 pressure plate

Center spline moved forward to work with our 5.50" Bellhousing

There are so many variations in aftermarket clutch disks that we had one made to our specifications. This disk is what makes it possible to gain that last " to work perfectly with our 5 " Bellhousing. We buy them in bulk and pass the savings on to you. Fits neatly in the shipping carton with the VP Model A Bell Housing.

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